Camp Kitchen

Camp Kitchen is a functional art installation created by our “Woodpecker”, Stephen Bennett, of gleaned cedar from the demolition phase of Barn (the local beer spot across the street), redwood crossrails from an old fence, and Douglas Fir scraps from La Mesa Lumber’s milling process. The color in the lath backsplash is stained in spices from the local Mid East Market: turmeric (for yellow), cayenne (orange), and other natural color that combined to create brown, which was used throughout the creation of the space. The countertops are concrete pressed with local herbs and foliage.

Camp Kitchen-style commission work is available at $55/square foot. This price includes local home installation in your choice of color palette.  Visit our shop for a free consultation.

Camp Kitchen functions as the epicenter of our “safe harbor” mentality; all are welcome here where we serve complimentary organic delicacies and host monthly wellness workshops focusing on how to make bone broth, sauerkraut, kombucha, and other good for the gut staples.

We also utilize camp kitchen to provide a reusable dinnerware alternative at the 3rd Friday event we host for BLVD. Market, a pop-up food event in an effort to limit what goes to the landfill.

Camp Kitchen is a functional art installation created by Stephen Bennett of Sleep Bedder North Park